Blankheads Revisited??

20 and 12 visited the IHOP Tuesday for another round of scrabbling.  Our evening attendance continues to flourish with the likes of Lisa Ocone and Itzi Burns.  David Postal returned after a 2 month absence.  Itzi is a very interesting character.  She is a newcomer to club Scrabble but is doing quite well.  She let it be known that she just became a United States citizen 2 months ago and will be voting in her first election next month.  Lets hope she votes the right way and the only way!!  A mother of 6 she also let it be known that she is expecting baby #7, 2 months along.  I had to be the bearer of bad news when I told her that Club 34 has no maternity leave policy and that she would have to play at Club 34 straight through to her delivery date.  She took it in good stride.

Our very own Joanie Scafuto has been a member of Club 34 for nearly 3 years.  A long time resident of Rancho Cucamonga, she recently moved to Huntington Beach and purchased a home in the Rancho Del Rey Mobile Home Community at 16222 Monterey Avenue.  I recently visited Joanie and its very attractive clubhouse.  It is spacious with its own large tables and chairs, cooking facilities and a swimming pool nearby!! Joanie and I spoke with the Mobile Home manager and owner and were told that the facilities are available if we notify them in advance and as long as Joanie is present during each event.  It would also be free of charge. There is plenty of parking available and the Mobile Home is easy to get to…

Blankheads is a Scrabble group that was founded by Paul Trachtenberg and the late Bob Peters 20 years ago.  For years a group of us would meet every month on a Friday or Saturday at their home to play 10 games of bitterly contested Scrabble.  We all would bring food items to share, play Scrabble and eat and laugh all throughout the day.. It was alot of fun but unfortunately met an untimely death with the passing of Bob Peters.  In recent years only Gretchen Cowan stepped up to the plate and offered her home for such events.

Now that there is a new sheriff in town, I am trying to rekindle the Blankhead concept  and think that I have found the perfect facility to house these events.  It wont be 10 games however since we all are 20 years older now.  Probably 7 or 8 games but not 10.  I will make an announcement soon about the date of the first event so stay tuned.  What makes this facility so attractive is that we can have a large group of people, not just l4 or l6 because of room constraints.  So the new Blankheads will be open to ALL members of Club 34!!

With the recent influx of new members, I will begin the biographical sketch again to be a part of the Blog.  I will be calling on Sheila Bulthuis, Lisa Ocone, Itzi Burns, Evelyn Davis, Ken Louie, Renee Kahn, Tom Brown just to name a few to take part in this exciting feature.  If there are other members who have been overlooked, please let me know.

FYI, Club 34 will be holding its next Christmas party at the IHOP with the same format as last year on Tuesday December 11.  I expect to have plenty of food, live entertainment, some awards and lots of fun so be sure to sign up when its time to do so.  I want a large turnout and a great show of support for everything Club 34 stands for.  The fun never stops at Club 34 and never will under my watch.  On a sad note, it looks as if there will be no Club on December 25 and January 1 since they fall on a Tuesday…

Next Tuesday I may have as many as 4 new members come for their inaugural appearance if they all show up.  See you then….


David Poder, Director

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