I am sure that all of us have wondered from time to time who we really are, where did we come from??  You dont have to wonder any longer!!  Just go to and you will find out.  That is exactly what happened to Fran Higgins(Lorry’s better half) last week.  Lorry’s husband had no idea where he came from, who he belonged to etc. etc. etc.  So one of their many children decided to find out and contacted and 23 and me.  Before they knew it, Fran found out that he had alot of nieces, nephews, half brothers and sisters.  Fran and Lorry recently returned from a family reunion in Boston where they met all these long lost relatives.  It was quite a reunion!!

Speaking of our beloved Lorry, dont forget her foodfest next Tuesday at her home between club sessions.  You wont want to miss that…  Dont forget our annual Christmas party which has been scheduled on December 11 at the IHOP.  And dont forget our next Blankheads which will be open to all members of Club 34 to be scheduled at Joanie Scafuto’s clubhouse in the very near future…  Alot of exciting events to look forward to for Club 34.  And of course I will be issuing the annual State of the Union report before the end of the year 2018…  Club 34 is thriving.  Alot of new members have joined our family this year.  I have tried and will continue to try to make Club 34 as exciting  a Scrabble club as one can be.  This is not an easy task I assure you!!!!!!!!!!

24 and 14 showed up Tuesday for more scrabbling.  Some of  our regular members have been missing in action.  Alan Kait assured me he will be coming down from Santa Barbara in the next few weeks.  But where is Barbara Ring, Bob Freiberg, Don Platt??  I know Jane Crane will be returning from Africa in a few days and should be back next week.  Mark Bennett and Barbara Creighton are traveling so wont be around for a few weeks.  So we try to make up for these losses with new members if possible.

A few weeks ago I recruited Nancy Toussaint from the Internet.  She told me immediately that she is a busy lady and couldnt come to the Club but maybe once every two months.  That was two weeks ago and lo and behold she came back Tuesday.  She had missed us so much she even brought a new member to Club 34.  Nancy DeMille who maybe related to Cecil made her inaugural appearance.  Nancy is a retired employee with a property management company and lives a quiet existence in Long Beach.  She loves Scrabble and promises to be a permanent fixture at the IHOP on any given Tuesday afternoon.


David Poder, Director

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