Welcome Back!!

An old friend came back to Club 34 on Tuesday.  Bob Freiberg returned after a 5 month absence.  Bob has been touring around the country for quite some time but hopefully will stay at home for awhile and frequent the IHOP again as he had done in the past.  We witnessed another surprise visitor Tuesday night when Gloria Miller found herself in the Huntington Beach area so she decided to drop by.  We are always happy to see her and witness her bubbly personality.

20 and 11 spent the day and night at the IHOP on Tuesday.  Many of us were entertained at Lorry’s home in between sessions.  Lorry and husband Fran do a wonderful job hosting this event twice a year.  Club 34 thanks them for their efforts and looks forward to the next event.

My advertising efforts with David Postal met an untimely death.  It didnt really work out as I had hoped so beginning in January I will put forth our awards formula for a perfect 4-0 and the like.  I also was in touch with Rancho del Ray Mobile Homes and the home of Joanie Scafuto.  Unfortunately, I could not get the clubhouse as hoped for during the months of November or December.  So I will revisit the future home of Blankheads in January.  Hopefully, I will be able to book a few events next year.

A special thank you goes out to Amnon Meyers for his up to date stats for Club 34.  Please go to our website HuntingtonBeachScrabbleClub34.com and click on the Club Stats section for an up to date and accurate account of how we all are doing for 2018.  We still look forward to Tom Titus’ accounting of the weekly results but Amnon gives us a clearer and more accurate account of what is happening at Club 34.  We thank both members for their continued participation and involvement in making Club 34 a state of the art Scrabble club.

The end of the year is fast approaching.  Circle December 11 as our next Christmas party at the IHOP.  I hope to have some live entertainment and a few awards will be passed out.  The fun never stops at Club 34…


David Poder, Director

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