The Great State of California!!

24 and 11 showed up yesterday at the IHOP for more wars of the words!  Club 34 continues to grow as another new member made her inaugural appearance.  Wendy Strauss from Huntington Beach made a surprise visit.  I wasnt expecting her but she came nevertheless.  I was afraid to tell the members what she does for a living but I did anyway with the hopes that all members would respect her privacy.  Wendy is a semi retired pharmacist and the first of its kind to join Club 34.  Wendy heard about us from attending that other Scrabble club in a local retirement center directed very admirably by our very own Inge Weinfeld.  Wendy likes to play mahjongg on Tuesday evenings and has other activities in the afternoon but she had such a great time with us yesterday that she will be changing her schedule around so she can come see us more often.

I seem to be finding new members but losing them as well.  A few days ago recent newcomer and a wonderful addition to this club Sheila Bulthuis told me that she and husband Zach have purchased a home in the great state of New Mexico and will be moving there soon.  Zach is from New Mexico and they have always had a dream to retire there someday.  But Sheila told me that she will be returning here often I hope to see family and work so we hope to see her in the future but not as often.  Then yesterday afternoon I was hit with a real bombshell when Karen Sturm  told me she and husband Steve may be moving to Florida to avoid state income tax and to be closer to their children.  It wont happen overnight she assures me but it may happen.  That would be a terrible blow to Club 34 as Karen has been a valuable member of Club 34 for the past 5 years.

Some of you have told me that you are having trouble accessing the Blog when I post it every week.  Im not sure what the problem is but I think all you have to do is hit the link under my name when I send out the notifying email  and that should get you right to the site.  Then go to the Blog section and read all of my pearls of wisdom.  If you still have problems, please let me know..

I am still considering having another session for Club 34 to start in January.  It would be in the same playroom at the IHOP from 11 to 3pm.  I have been polling all members to gauge the interest another session may have.  To date I have 5 members who have committed for every week and another 13 that would commit to once or twice a month.  I still have several other members to poll.  I also hope that this will attract new members who may not be able to attend on Tuesdays.  I also reserve the right to cancel this idea if it doesnt turn out to be very fruitful in the future.  So stay tuned as I continue to find ways to make Club 34 the largest and most exciting Scrabble club in the world…  I came up with this idea because for the past 9 months or so I have been attending the Monkeyhouse Cafe Friday mornings to play a few games of Scrabble and have lunch.  It has been a nice break in the week but the meetings have been quite small and the environment has not really been conducive to playing the game of Scrabble:  uncomfortable chairs and tables, a very cold atmosphere and alot of noise from other patrons having lunch at the same time…  Some of us are willing to make the changeover but others are a bit stubborn and want to stay at the Monkeyhouse Cafe.  I hope they will change their minds…


David Poder, Director



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