Club 34 Goes Back To School!!

Yesterday was one of the busiest days Club 34 has ever seen.  We reached our all time total number of attendees in one day when 28 and 17 came to the IHOP for lots of scrabbling.  This is just off our all time highs of 32 and 18 so we are moving in the right direction.

We welcomed back Sara Jacobson from Tucson who hasnt been with us for several months but now promises to be here for at least a month.  And to show you what kind of a team player she is, Sara brought along Maxine Gordon, a long time fixture at Bruce’s West LA club, for her inaugural appearance.  David Postal and Alan Stern made rare appearances and spent the entire day with us.  Amnon Meyer dropped by in the evening after spending the day trying to qualify for jury duty.

Our Christmas party will be next week with 28 signed up for the occasion.  There will be plenty of food catered by the IHOP and lots of live entertainment.  LOL…  If anyone wishes to bring a dessert, feel free to do so.  4 prizes will be given to 4 very worthy members of Club 34 who have shown a lot of support and participation in Club activities throughout the years.  Yesterday one member of Club 34 went beyond the call of duty.  For the second time since I established the voluntary donation box, a member donated $100.  Hats off to Lorry Higgins for her  love and support for Club 34.  Two years ago James Cassidy was the first.  Now Lorry so our 100 club has 2 lifetime members…

During the afternoon session I was notified that two people joined the Meetup Site.  I was too busy to notify them but lo and behold they showed up for the evening session.  Gary Smart known to many of us is visiting Southern California on business and always tries to attend a local Scrabble club.  He did so last night, all the way from Phoenix, where he lives, works and attends 3 Scrabble clubs.

But the most exciting part of the day happened last night when Jason Marks came by with family in tow.  Jason called and texted me during the day to let me know he wanted to come in the evening for dinner with his family and to check out Club 34.  And he did just that.  Jason is a computer programmer from Stanton and brought his wife Yohanna plus two daughters Amelie 12 and Kaelie 10 to watch us play.  They are very interested in Scrabble and would like to join Club 34.

They observed two games and promised to return after the first of the year.  When I took over the directorship of Club 34 5 years ago, I tried desperately to bring in younger players.  I advertised at some local places of higher learning including Orange Coast College and Golden West College as well as Cal State Long Beach.  It was not a success but if Amelie and Kaelie Marks start playing at Club 34, the average age of our group will drop substantially.  As a matter of fact, Lisa Ocone told me last night she may bring her 10 year old son to play with us too.

Now if I could only persuade Itzi Burns to bring her 6 kids with the 7th on its way,  the average age of Club 34 will drop from 83 to 17…  Wouldnt that be wonderful….

We shall see all of you next week for more fun and games…


David Poder, Club Director

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