Club 34 met for its final time yesterday with 20 and 11 in attendance.  We accomplished a lot for this past year and look forward to more expansion in 2019.  We never know when a new member of our Family will surprise us with a visit.

Yesterday was no exception.  An old friend dropped out of the sky and surprised us with a visit.  Beth Byrne is known to many of us but we havent seen her for a very long time.  She used to come to Club 34 back in the day when Penny Baker was running things.  So you are talking about 15 years.  Beth received a Scrabble revelation not too long ago and decided that she really missed it.  So she appeared yesterday and plans to see a lot of us in 2019.  Beth is from Long Beach, plays a lot of tournament bridge and is retired I think from the equestrian business.  She either races, trains or breeds horses, not sure which, but we are so glad that she will be a part of our extended family.

Next week I will issue my annual State of the Union address.  So stay tuned.  I expect a lot more exciting stuff for Club 34 next year.  And DONT forget!!!  Club 34 will make its inaugural appearance into Club 34 Friday on January 4 at 11am until 3pm.  I hope we have a good showing for our first Friday session ever.  Our Club will certainly be the only Scrabble club in the world that meets 3 times a week.  I hope it will become a huge success with old established players as well as new ones we have not met yet.

We will see all of you next year.  Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2019.


David Poder, Director

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