Another Year and More Changes!!

Tomorrow will mark the first session of 2019 for Club 34.  Since we have not been in session for 3 weeks, I have a feeling we will have a great turnout.  I have some announcements that will make everyone happy.

On New Years Day I held the first ever Poder Invitational New Years Day party at my palatial estate.  Due to space limitations, I can have only 10 players.  After careful consideration, I picked 10 players who fulfilled the DGBB protocol.  Since there were no major disasters, I have decided to hold this event every New Years Day or soon after if I should be out of town.  The DGBB protocol is as follows:

Dementia–no one must show early or late signs of dementia.

Gait disturbance—no one must show any difficulty with gait or balance.  There are many steps in my home so you must be steady on your feet….

Bladder control–enough said.

Bathroom etiquette–the most important requirement.

Fun was had by all.  We played 6 games with a King of the Hill for round 7.  And the winner with a 6-1 record, plus 367 spread David Poder.  The winning gift was a $25 gift certificate to Benihanas.  Those in attendance included Paul Trachtenberg, Joanie Scafuto, Gretchen Cowan, Lynn Gunn, Amnon Meyers, Evelyn Davis, Tom Brown, Bill Lapinski and Richard Stein.

Richard was visiting from Seattle and actually attended Lorry Higgins 80th birthday luncheon on December 30 at a local Market Broiler restaurant.  It was great seeing him again and we shall wait for the next time he has time off from Microsoft to come visit us.

I would like to proudly announce the next Blankheads on February 24 at the Rancho del Rey Mobile Homes in Huntington Beach.  We will start at 11 am  and play 7 games with everyone contributing a lunch item to be assigned at a later date.   So circle the date.  There will be no restrictions in attendees.  The clubhouse is quite spacious and can accommodate alot of people.  There will be a microwave, a refrigerator and a nearby swimming pool.  We can all thank Joanie Scafuto for making this possible.

Dont forget!!   Club 34 Friday makes its inaugural appearance this Friday January 11 at 11am.  I expect a very nice turnout.  For the first time ever, a Scrabble club will be meeting 3 times a week.  Some suggested that we meet 7 days a week but I will keep that thought to myself.

I have always pleaded with our members to give me suggestions on how Club 34 can be run more efficiently or how Club 34 can possibly get bigger.  Every now and then an idea is presented to myself that really gets me excited.  A few weeks ago the newest member of Club 34 Beth Byrne gave me such an idea:  a sign that I could put in front of the IHOP which would promote our Club.  I met with Hector, the IHOP manager, to discuss this last week.  I looked in front of the IHOP and couldnt really find a spot that could secure such a sign or placard.   Hector came up with a brilliant solution.  He is allowing us to display a sign that will be secured on the front counter.  Everyone who comes into the IHOP to eat will see our sign.  Our times of operation and my contact information will be on full display.  I want to thank Beth with this great idea and to Hector for making this happen.

There will be about 300 new words 8 letters or less as part of our Scrabble lexicon to be in full use on March 1 and not before.  I am trying to get my hands on these words so I can distribute them to Club members.

Lets have a great turnout tomorrow.  See you then.


David Poder, Director

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