Friday, January 11!!

Dont forget!!   Tomorrow will be our first ever Friday session for Club 34 and for the first time ever a Scrabble club will be meeting 3 times a week.  We should have a very nice turnout.  I have commitments from David Poder, Bruce, Paul Trachtenberg, Cindy Helphrey, Jim Cassidy, Lisa Ocone, Inge Weinfeld, Elly, Joanie Scafuto, Beth Byrne and Renee Kahn.  Of course everyone else is also invited!  Hope to see all of you there.

On Tuesday we had 23 and 11 in attendance.  I was very happy to see Bill Lapinski come to play both sessions after a 3 month absence.  Ken Louie fulfilled his promise to show up after his retirement became official on December 31.  In fact he came for both sessions.  Gloria Miller made a rare appearance and this time a Steinmart sale had nothing to do with it.  I am always happy to see her come from LA and bring her pleasant personality and smile with her.

Some of you may already know that Tom Titus had another slip and fall accident two weeks ago and is recovering at home, this time with a broken foot.  We all hope he makes a quick recovery..

I introduced our new health czar Dr Najat Reikes who was present with facial masks in tow.  Bill Lapinski was back managing temperature control so everything went very smoothly on Tuesday.  Tuesday morning has become a ritual of constant texting to me from members who are sick, who have doctor appointments, who are waiting for the Maytag repairman, who are out buying a 60″ television set, etc, etc, etc.  If everyone could just clear Tuesdays from their busy schedules and leave it open for Scrabble and the IHOP, how wonderful that would be!!

See you tomorrow…


David Poder, Director

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