Rain, Go Away!!

It is supposed to rain all week until Friday.  It is supposed to be mild tomorrow so lets not use that as an excuse for staying away..  I expect a very good turnout as usual.

Our first Friday session was a huge success.  I want to thank the following members for showing up, for showing support and adding to  the spirit and growth of Club 34:  David Poder, Bruce, Paul Trachetenberg, Joanie Scafuto, Inge Weinfeld, Cindy Helphrey, Desiree Engel, Elly, Renee Kahn, and Melissa de la Fuentes.  We expect an even bigger turnout this coming Friday.  Ex Monkeyhousers Joanie Scafuto, Paul Trachtenberg and Renee Kahn had such a great time Friday they told me that Club 34 Friday at the IHOP had to be ‘the happiest place on earth..’

I hope all of you saw Amnon’s email last week and enjoyed the new format for weekly reporting.  It is certainly an upgrade to what we have been used to for many years but we still appreciate the many years Tom Titus devoted to this.  Speaking of which, we hope he is making a speedy recovery to his recent injuries.  Please be sure to write VERY legibly on your score sheets as Amnon has suggested..

I will be going sign shopping this week.  I will commission a local sign company to make a very attractive sign that will be located on the front counter of the IHOP promoting our Club.  I hope for some great results.

And now for some very exciting stuff for me personally.  Most of you will recall that 3 years ago I went through a period of true bliss and euphoria when the Kansas City Royals went to back to back World Series.  I was even privileged to attend the 2015 World Series that they won.  That was heaven but unfortunately did not last very long!!

Now its the Kansas City Chiefs’ turn.  For the first time ever they will host the conference championship game against the hated New England Patriots.  They win, they go to the Super Bowl in Atlanta February 3.  Lets hope this will be the ‘changing of the guard’ so to speak.  If the Los Angeles Rams also should go, there is a very strong possibility that I will be going also.  Keep your fingers cross…

See you tomorrow.  Bring your rain coats and umbrellas..

David Poder, Director

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