The IHOP is the Place to Be!!

Another good turnout yesterday with 25 and 10.  Club 34 welcomed back an old friend, Glenda Collins, who had not been to the club in about one year but promises to return more often.  I am really happy to see newcomers Ken Louie, Beth Byrne and Susan Rice coming to the Club every week now.

Dont forget Club 34 Friday.  We will meet again this Friday at 11am but I may change the time to 1pm in the future.  Maxine Marcus promised to come every week if I do so.  Therefore, this could be a real possibility if the room is available and after I have spoken to the other Friday participants to make sure there will be no conflicts with their schedules.  We have had 10 and 8 for the first two Fridays.  We can do much better than that as Club 34 continues to grow.  The new times will also give the existing Monkeyhousers and there are only a few left the chance to come over to the IHOP if they want to play more than 2 games.  Thats how many they normally play when at the Monkeyhouse Cafe so they will be more than welcome to come over…

Dont forget that Club 34 will have its first in a series of ‘Blankhead’ parties February 24 at Joanie Scafuto’s clubhouse.  It has come to my attention that is Oscar night but since we have the room booked for that day and its very difficult to get it, there will be no changes.  Have you heard of the VCR??  I will have a signup sheet on full display at the Club next Tuesday..  The party will be pot luck, food to be assigned.  The room has unlimited seating so we should be able to have lots of players.

The fun never stops at Club 34.  It continues to grow and expand and get more exciting.  If you have any friends, family or enemies who you might think love words and Scrabble, invite them to come to Club 34..


David Poder, Director

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