The IHOP Make Over!!

How can you improve the appearance of a restaurant that makes pancakes??   Come to the IHOP next Tuesday and you will find out!  Yesterday was another great turnout for Club 34.  26 and 12 showed up but so did the noise.  Our noise czar Don Platt was missing in action and it was obvious.  I dont know how to address this issue any further so all I can suggest to those who are really bothered by the noise is to bring earplugs and use them.  Enough said…

We were happy to see the Jason Marks family come back last night.  Jason’s two young daughters played two games last night and seem to display enough passion for Scrabble to continue throughout their college careers.  Thus they will be seen at Club 34 for many years to come since they are only 10 and 12 years old.  I hope they bring some of their friends in the near future.  Hats off to Joanie and Tom Brown for playing with them last night..

Itzi Burns returned last night after a 2 month absence.  Now in her 6th month of pregnancy and 7th child to be, Itzi brings a wonderful smile and personality to our Club.   An old friend James Kitchens reappeared after a year’s absence.  James who came to us from Meetup spends most of his time deep sea fishing in the Pacific or dirt bike riding somewhere in the desert but found time to come back to us yesterday.

When Tuesday rolls around, I can always count on receiving several texts from players who cant make it for one reason or another, will be late or must leave early, etc. etc…  Then there is the case of Pat Reed who really wanted to come play with us but was locked in her garage.  Well, at least she had good intentions.

Some of the new players tell me that they receive my email that announces a new Blog posting is upon us but cant get into the website for various reasons.  All you have to do is go to the link under my name on the email.  That should get you right into the website, then go to the Blog section and there you have it.  Very easy..

I announced several weeks ago that I have found a wonderful location for our future Blankheads parties.  Twenty years ago Bob Peters and Paul Trachtenberg found this group, had monthly gatherings, pot luck dinners, lots of laughs and great camaraderie..  Then Paul couldnt host it any further so for the most part Gretchen Cowan stepped up to the plate and took over.  I didnt think it was fair that she be the only one so I took it upon myself to try to find a new location to have more of these parties.  I did find such a location at Joanie Scafuto’s clubhouse in Huntington Beach l0 minutes from the IHOP.  Its hard to reserve this room but I was able to do so for February 24.  I didnt know at the time it was also Oscar night but I cant or will not change the date.  I have passed out a signup sheet but to date only 8 players have signed up.  We need more or I will cancel the event now and forever for lack of interest.  What I will do just for this day is to move up the time to 10am instead of 11 and also have just 6 games instead of 7 so everyone can get home to watch the Oscars which starts at 5pm..  If that doesnt work, I will cancel the event.  So I hope more people decide to attend…


David Poder, Director

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