See You Tomorrow!!

When you walk into the IHOP tomorrow, don’t turn right and go straight to the playroom like you normally do.  Go to the front counter and take a look at a beautiful work of art now on display for all to see.  The Club 34 sign is up and running.  It has a beautiful blue background but unfortunately the same color as the IHOP background so somewhat difficult to see.  I can always have another sign made with a yellow, red or white background that maybe easier to notice.  I will give this one a chance and hopefully I will receive a lot of calls from prospective new players.  Hector and I even discussed a Club 34 sign to be on display on the front of the restaurant next to the IHOP sign.  Wouldn’t that be something!!  But Hector said that it would need permission from the City of Huntington Beach and would be quite expensive.  So that wont happen at least for awhile..  I want to thank Beth Byrne for giving me this wonderful idea.  And I welcome anyone else to provide other brilliant ideas in the future if it will make Club 34 an even more outstanding and exciting Scrabble club.

We just completed our 4th Friday session of the year with another 10 players in attendance.  I am very confident that we will see these numbers rise to 20 or more in the next few months.  It took me a year to see 6 members turn into 20 on a Tuesday afternoon back in 2014.  We haven’t looked back since then with 25-30 show up on a regular basis. Whats of even more importance is that 3 players made their inaugural appearance last Friday:  Tom Brown, David Postal and Lisa Ocone.

We have 11 players signed up for February 24 for our first Blankheads at Joanie Scafuto’s clubhouse.  I would like to get 18 so we could have divisions of 6 if possible.  I will have the signup sheet on full display tomorrow and probably poll each member to see if they can play.  I hope to have 3 or 4 of these parties this year at this location.  For those of you who have never played at a Blankheads party, you are missing alot…  So sign up and have some fun on February 24.  I have moved the time up to 10am and shortened the games from 7 to 6 so all of us can run home to watch the Oscars.

See all of you tomorrow…


David Poder, Director

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