Blankheads Club 34 Style!!

Blankheads came to Club 34 for the first time ever yesterday at the home turf of Joanie Scafuto.  Joanie was a splendid hostess and the setting was breathtaking.  Blankheads has finally found another home for its splendid parties as 16 hardline scrabblers ascended upon the hallowed halls of the Rancho del Rey Mobile Homes in Huntington Beach at 10am.  The festivities ended at approximately 4:30 allowing all of us to run home to watch the rather bland Oscar festivities.

The results are as follows with the exception of point spread.  The winners of each division received a $25 Starbucks gift card for their efforts.  Div A–David Poder 6-0 and gibsonized after round 2 LOL…. Gretchen Cowan 4-3…Paul Trachtenberg 2-4…Lynn Gunn 1-5.

Div B–Evelyn Davis  4-2  +271…Cindy Helphrey 4-2  +104..  Esther Kisich  4-2  -140…Najat  3-3…Maxine Marcus 3-3  Renee Kahn 0-6..

Div C–Beth Byrne  5-1…Joanie 4-2…Bob Freiberg 3-3…Jan Goldstein 3-3…Desiree Engel  3-3… Inge Weinfeld  0-6…

We hope to have more Blankheads events at this location as yesterday was a smashing success.  In fact I received an email from matriarch Gretchen Cowan last night to tell me that this was the most fun she has ever had at a Scrabble party.  Now that is the highest of compliments since she has been at this for 50 years!!

See all of you tomorrow.  The fun never stops at Club 34….

David Poder, Director

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