March 1, 2019

The new words made their inaugural appearance Friday at Club 34.  You can now play ok, ew, zen, owie et al and be proud to do so.  10 players appeared Friday equalling our top attendance to date.  Nancy Toussaint, Alan Kait and Lisa Ocone made their first appearances for our Friday sessions.  It should be no time before we see 20 players on Friday morning.

Last Tuesday 25 and 11 came to play.  When you show up this Tuesday, be sure to notice the attractive signs promoting our Club at the front counter and on the counter as you enter the playroom.  I hope this will catch the eyes of all the patrons that come to the IHOP every week.  And we find many new prospective members for Club 34 in the future.

With that being said all of you should recall 2 weeks ago in the NASPA newsletter that appears every Thursday, yours truly and Club 34 were featured. It was a very nice article and as a result I have been receiving many calls from Scrabble directors throughout the country seeking my advice on how one promotes and encourages growth of Scrabble clubs.  I have been more than happy to spend the time speaking with these directors and giving them some sound advice on this topic.

Club 34 Friday is certainly experiencing growing pains but more players are showing up to promote the growth of our Club.  I encourage all of you to please stop by and show your support.  We begin our games at 11am.  See you then.  And see you on Tuesday of course.

David Poder Director

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