A Success Story!!

I don’t consider our weekly sessions a success unless we find at least one new player.  Club 34 hit the lottery last night when Bill Little walked into the playroom at 6pm.  Bill is a retired elementary school teacher in history and physical education from Huntington Beach.  He found Club 34 on the internet and told me that he could attend ALL 3 sessions each week.  So he promises to return on Friday!!

24 and 12 attended yesterday.  We seem to be stuck on those numbers but I hope that we can reach 30 on a pretty consistent basis later in 2019.  I walked into the IHOP at 12:30 but was disappointed not to find my large poster at the front counter.  I was told that the Corporate offices of IHOP don’t want us to display our propaganda unless our Club sessions are in play.  So I am afraid that our 2 attractive posters will only be on display Tuesdays and Friday mornings from now on.  It is not what I was planning but better than nothing.

The player of the day had to be Tom Brown.  After throwing me to the curb in the first game of the afternoon, Tom proceeded to go into the last game of the evening 7-0.  He had a chance to get the big payoff of the day $5 but had to face off against the mad Israeli Amnon Meyers.  Amnon has a way of finding the right tiles at the right time!  He seems to win more games that way than actually outplaying his opponent LOL and the same thing held true during game #8 depriving Tom of the ultimate payoff.  It was still a remarkable day for Tom.  Good job…

I hope to see more of you on Friday as the attendance that day continues to rise.  Come meet and greet new player Bill Little….


David Poder, Director

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