Long Distance!!

I don’t know of too many Scrabble clubs that are supported by members traveling such long distances as Club 34.  I would like to pay special homage to those that take the time out of their busy schedules to travel to Huntington Beach every Tuesday.  Club 34 has established a nice contingency of players who come from Los Angeles on a weekly basis.  I want to thank Bruce Dambrosio, Inae Bloom, Jeff Polan and Tom Brown for their dedication and support of Club 34;  Alan Stern, Pete Skaggs and Gloria Miller to a lesser extent.  Thanks also can be extended to Alan Kait from Santa Barbara, Cynthia Helfrey from Duarte, Gretchen Cowans from San Clemente, Ken Louie from Whittier and Najat Reikes from Riverside!!

It is rare when a week goes by and Club 34 does not find at least one new member.  Such was the case last night when Kim Corrick made her initial appearance.  Kim is an occupational therapist from Long Beach who found us on Meetup last year.  She held her own last night and I believe that she will become a regular member to our Tuesday evening sessions.  We had a surprise visitor last night as well.  Marty Sturgeon dropped by for what will probably be a rare visit.  Marty is a CPA from Mission Viejo who regularly attends Gary Moss’ club in Laguna Woods.  We were very happy to have him attend last night.

We had another good showing yesterday with 24 and 15 in attendance.  Our all time high for the evenings has been 18 so we are not that far off.  It is always exciting to see who shows up on Tuesdays.  It is also nice to see who stays over for the evening session.  Yesterday I would like to acknowledge Beth Byrne, Susan Rice, Inae Bloom, Ken Louie, Tom Titus, Bruce, Jeff Polan, Najat, Tom Brown and myself for such an accomplishment.  I would like to see more players attend both sessions in the future.

I plan to continue my practice of speaking about the rules of the game in future Blog postings.  I did a little bit of that last year.  But last night an incident did occur regarding quick draw of tiles after a play was made.  Player A played a phony word, did not score his play, and drew tiles before Player B had a chance to react.  After much discussion between the brain trusts of Club 34, myself, Bruce and Jeff, we all were not sure of the rule governing such action.  But as a courtesy to your fellow opponent, you should give him a chance to respond before you put your hands in the bag.  And the other player should always call HOLD when he has not looked at the word played.  That freezes Player A from making any kind of move to the bag….

Hats off to a perfect 4-0 in the afternoon for Gretchen and Tom Brown.  Susan Rice received  $l for a pristine scorecard and Lorry Higgins  $l for the 3×3 trucking 131 points!!  Last night a perfect 4-0 to Najat and a wonderful day at 7-1…


David Poder, Director

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