I Have Seen Everything Now!!

I have known, loved, admired and praised Najat Reikes for over 25 years!!  When I came to the IHOP playroom for the very first time in March, 1996, Najat was already there, sitting in ‘her’ seat, the same seat and table she has been sitting at since then.  Well that is until last night.  Najat let it be known to me and Jeff Polan that she would like to play the gentlemanly James “Hopalong” Cassidy and she got her wish.  However, I told Najat that James is an old man, suffers from end stage dementia, has suffered a stroke and cannot move.  LOL I thought I would still get an argument from Najat but she actually picked up her papers etc and moved over to Jim’s table.  I pleaded with everyone in attendance for a camera but unfortunately no one had one.  So history was made.  It was a sight to behold!!

A funny thing also happened yesterday afternoon in game #4 between Ken Louie and yours truly.  Ken overdrew his tiles by one so the rule of the day is for the opponent to take 3 letters from Player #1’s rack and let them be exposed.  Player #2 picks the tile to return to the bag.  I drew ‘v, u and the blank’.  Guess which one returned to the bag?  V and U are probably the least likely letters that work together so that is   why I thought it was a very funny exchange.  Ken didn’t think it was that funny but he is such a good sport, we both got a good laugh out of it.  But the point of all this is to be very careful and not overdraw your tiles.  It might cost you dearly.  Ken found out the hard way.

Someone at our Club will be reaching their 98th birthday in a few weeks, April 18 I believe.  Plans are already underway to celebrate Desiree’s 100th in 2 short years!!

25 and 13 were in attendance yesterday.  Our evening totals are increasing ever so slightly.  We have added Beth Byrne, Ken Louie, Inae Bloom and Tom Brown to our evening totals, looking for more!!  And Friday is growing very fast.  It seems as if every week we see an established member make his inaugural appearance.  Last week it was Najat.  Bob Freiberg let me know that he would be attending on a regular basis..  I welcome all other members of Club 34 to support the growth and well being of your Club and attend Fridays.  You will be more than welcome.

The player of the week has to be Beth Byrne!  Rumor has it that she is actually studying and learning from a top expert!  I wonder who that might be??  But Beth is learning fast and has the passion and intelligence to become a top player.  It is exciting to witness her rapid growth.  Yesterday Beth went 7-1 only losing to one of the older players in the Club who played ‘zita’ and then quickly drew tiles from the bag before Beth had a chance to respond with a challenge.  This same thing happened the week before.  The player yesterday knew better that zita had to be a phoney and should be ashamed of taking advantage of a newer player.  I hope all players of Club 34 abstain from such a practice in the future…  It is very poor sportsmanship to say the least..


David Poder, Director





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