Being Young is a Wonderful Thing!!

Another fine outing last Friday.  Club 34 and the Monkeyhouse gang have come to an understanding that if one of us has an odd number, we will lend out a player to the other group.  That happened then and we were very happy to see Pat Yarnell play with us.  Last Friday was also the inaugural appearance of the Club 34 IHOP sign in full display in the parking lot directly in front of the front doors to the IHOP.  Let us hope that I see some results from this..

The only advertising to try to get more players for Club 34 in the future will be the posters and signs on display at the IHOP, the Meetup site, the Internet and above all YOU.  I still and will always encourage you to bring a friend, relative or bitter enemy to the IHOP to be a part of our family.  What better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon and evening!!

The donation box will always be present.  All $$ collected will now go for weekly achievement prizes, our Christmas dinner and for prizes awarded at our yearly tournament.

Be sure to come this Friday and support Club 34.  Jeff Polan will make his inaugural appearance with a much needed lesson to follow.  I know that Don Platt is also interested in some lessons so I will be encouraging him to show up as well..

I was encouraged to see Amnon put together stats for one session last week  but he still is a month behind.  He knows this and is doing everything possible to catch up.  We appreciate his efforts and will patiently await further stats.

Yesterday was a historical day in the history of Club 34.  We not only witnessed nearly an all time high in attendance at 31(32 is the magic number to date) but for the first time ever Club 34 was invaded by the youngsters.  Amelie and Kaelie Marks, Ethan and Eliani Serrato, ages 10 to 14, showed up with parents in hand.  They stayed for one game with yours truly giving them hands-on instruction in the rules and strategy of Scrabble.  At times it was a challenge to keep them focused and entertained but I think all in all it was a major success!!  Let us see if they return and take this game seriously.  It will be up the encouragement of their parents…

12 showed up for the evening session so we are seeing good attendance for the entire day.  Bob Friedberg was on hand to distribute the lottery tickets.  Najat will do the honors next week.  There were several individual honors throughout the day.  In my very first game against Gary Moss, I lost a tough one 456-454.  Ken Louie and Alan Stern went 4-0 for one session.  Alan and Bruce carted off with 9 bingos over a 4 game stretch.  The 500 games were as follows:  Lynn Gunn 525 v Najat, David Poder 520 v Beth Byrne and Jeff Polan 511 v Joanie.

See you all next week.  I have a funny suspicion that we will be leaving the 20s behind and look forward to 30 plus members from now on..


David Poder, Director

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