And The Beat Goes On!!

Another strong showing yesterday with 28 and 12!!  High praise goes out to Renee Kahn who is showing up much more often.  She told me last week that she prefers Fridays to Tuesdays but still came yesterday.  She also had dinner at the IHOP and when I thought I would be odd for the evening session, she volunteered to stay over.  It turned out that I didnt need her but this is a small example of the cooperation of Club members and why Club 34 is the fastest growing and most successful Scrabble club in the world…  In fact Tuesdays are a must at the IHOP for so many of our members.  Karen Sturm spent the last few days in Toronto visiting her grandchild but arrived at LAX in time to come to play with us at 1pm.  More and more of our members are showing this type of spirit and love for this Club.  Pat Reed has been on the way to recovery and now for the past 2 weeks is able to attend both sessions.

I have sent out an email to Amnon Meyers pleading with him to catch up with our stats.  He is two months behind so please everyone, be patient!!  I am hoping that Amnon steps up to the plate but if he doesn’t, I will have to ask Tom Titus to start producing the weekly stats as he has done in the past.

Bruce D was the player of the day with a stellar 7-1 record.  Both Bruce and yours truly had perfect 4-0 sessions yesterday.  Some of the outstanding bingos included dashiki by Bruce, ecotonal and cadaster by David Poder and taffeta by Pat Reed.

Friday is fast approaching.  We should have a great turnout.  Jeff Polan and Maxine Marcus will make their inaugural appearances to Friday scrabble.  Jeff and Beth Byrne will stay after the club session for a much needed lesson.  Please come join them and others for an exciting day of Scrabble.


David Poder, Director

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