June 23 is Fast Approaching!

Our next fun event for Club 34 will be June 23.  It is another Blankheads extravaganza.  To date we have 13 members who have committed to play:  David Poder, Joanie, Paul Trachtenberg, Jeff Polan, Najat, Esther Kisich, Gretchen Cowan, Pat Reed, Renee Kahn, Lynn Gunn, Rick Duncan, Debbie Bloom and Karen Sturm.  I would like to have 18 so we can have 3 divisions of 6 players.  We will play 6 games with a King of the Hill for round 6.  There will be plenty of food, lots of prizes, great Scrabble and lots of laughter.  The sign in sheet will be available this Tuesday in our playroom.

Another good session yesterday although attendance was somewhat depressed.  Jeff Polan made his inaugural appearance with an excellent teaching lesson that followed the games.  He told me that the drive down to HB from Encino wasn’t bad at all.  He had alot of fun and plans to return often.  I know that reinforcements to play Friday are on the horizon with the likes of Rick Duncan, Debbie Bloom and Donna Dwaileebe and many more.

Most of you should know by now that Amnon Meyers is hard at work catching up with our stats.  He is plodding thru the ‘muck’ as he describes it.  He will send me an email with his requests so that I can present that to all Club members this Tuesday.  We need to make a special effort to make his job much easier.  It takes him hours to get through all this so if we can just do a little better job it will make his job alot easier to accomplish!!

Last week I submitted the “Ode to Club 34” by Lorry Higgins, a poetic masterpiece, to all members in this Blog.  Well that must have inspired others to do as well.  Lee Cassidy, James Cassidy’s better half, sent me a ‘response to Lorry’s poem’ and here it is…

I read your poem and hoped for more

All about Club 34

I’ve been a member for oh so long

and never have seen the club so strong.


David leads us through high and low

And reminds us of words to know.

Tuesday nights are now such fun

I go to play and to be top gun.


But winning doesn’t matter, not at all

As just playing Scrabble has its own call

and learning words and seeing a friend

Brings joy and delight to no end.


I’ll see you Tuesday, there can be no doubt

Playing Scrabble, having fun, that is what its all about.


David Poder, Director

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