The NFL Has Come To The IHOP!!

Another great turnout yesterday with 24 and 13.  It was great to see Itzi Burns again after she took off several months from Club activity  to deliver her 7th baby. What was really strange is that she waited in the parking lot for the father of her newborn, handed her off to him, came running into the IHOP, picked up 10 yards and a first down!!!

Before the afternoon session began, I addressed the Club with two important items.  First and foremost was the Club stats and Amnon Meyer’s recent requests.  He is diligently going through the past two months, trying to catch up.  It is a slow process because so many of you do not make your scores,etc clear and precise.  Therefore, a new Club policy was set into action yesterday.  After each and every game, both participants will check off the other’s score cards to make sure the final scores, the names of the opponent, the bingoes and their values match…  If you are playing someone whose first name is the same as another member, you just write their last name.  For example, Titus/Brown…Poder/Postal…Rickhoff/Trachtenberg.  If you just take a little time to fill out your scorecards correctly, it will make Amnon’s job a lot easier…

June 23 is just around the corner.  We are going to have a real party!!  We have 21 signed up to date.  I am hoping that we can have 24 so I can divide the groups into 8, 7 games to be played without a King of the Hill.  That way everyone in each division will play other members just one time.  It is so important that no one cancel so we do not have to deal with a bye.  I may even have a waiting list for this reason.  We are going to have alot of prizes given out throughout the day.  The winner of each division will receive a $25 IHOP gift card.  Many prizes that may come from my personal library of books and music will be given out for various categories.  As a matter of fact, and this is important, if any of you have anything of value and would like to give it as a gift, please gift wrap it and let me know what it is and present it to me the morning of the event.  If you are not happy with your prize, you have the option of exchanging it with someone else. Once I have the final list of players, I will divide into groups of 8 according to ability.  I will also survey the players for food or drink items they would like to bring in the next few weeks.  So be prepared for a phone call when you least expect it.

Richard Stein was here last week because his father had taken ill.  I texted him yesterday to see if he was still in town.  He was but also told me that his father had passed away.  Everyone at Club 34 expresses our deepest sympathy to him and the Stein family.  Gloria Miller continues her recovery with a few bumps in the road.  She is in the thoughts of everyone at Club 34.  Pat Reed continues to fight her battles and is doing quite well.  She has been to both Tuesday sessions for the last several weeks.

And then there is the continuing saga of Tom Titus.  Last night at Club Tom arose from his seat, fell backwards and lost his balance.  He hit the back of his head on the floor but appears to be ok this morning.  Maybe Scrabble is too rough a sport for Tom and he should consider another pastime…  Oh well, we must be all aware of our surroundings, be careful and stay healthy.

Don’t forget Friday at the IHOP.  We start at 11.  Hope to see you there.


David Poder, Director


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