Just One More Week!!

How hard is it to put together a Scrabble party?  It is very hard but by george I think I’ve done it.  Please no more cancellations!!  Inae Bloom bowed out yesterday so Fern Tausch has taken her place.  I therefore had to make a division change putting Fern in Div B and moving Tom Titus to Div A.  Sorry Tom, I had to do it..  Karen Sturm is on the waiting list but I do NOT want any more cancellations or there will be severe penalties to the offending party.  And PLEASE arrive at 10:30 so we can set up the gifts and food on the appropriate tables so we can start promptly at 11.  There will be  plenty of prizes awarded at the end of each round so I am hoping we will finish by Tuesday so we can all get to the Club on time…

Friday was another huge success.  We almost reached our all time high but it was very nice to see Rick Duncan and Bill Lapinski again.  Newcomers Debbie Bloom and Donna Dwaileebe had a great time.  I hear that Susan Rice will be making her inaugural appearance next Friday and we should have another new player this coming Tuesday and another one 2 weeks after that from Meetup.  For those of you who love meeting new people and making new friendships, Club 34 is the place to be.

I cannot tell you how much fun we will have next Sunday.  What a great idea it was to have one of these parties every 3 to 4 months!!  Don’t forget the parties Gretchen Cowan has also as the fun never stops at Club 34.  Then there is SuperScrabble once a month hosted by Maliha.  Scrabble has taken on a life of its own and what a big part it is in all of our lives.  I think Club 34 can run on autopilot now so maybe I can start studying again and start focusing on my own game.  Wouldn’t that be nice!!  See all of you Tuesday..


David Poder, Director

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