Special Announcements!!

Another great Friday session was met with some devastatingly awful news.  Hector Hurtado has been the manager of the IHOP for the past 11 years and an employee of the IHOP for 26 years.  On Friday he informed me that he would be leaving the IHOP next week to seek out other career opportunities.  He has been such a loyal friend of Club 34 for years.  I am truly sorry to see him go and just as anxious as to who his replacement will be.

I have no idea if this replacement will be Scrabble friendly or if he will be as obliging as Hector has been for these last many years.  I had a similar anxiety attack 3 years ago when I learned that new ownership was coming to the IHOP but everyone at Club 34 stepped up to the plate and began utilizing IHOP’s services more than ever before.  I will ask the same thing for ALL members at least through the rest of the year.  Please eat and drink there like never before!!!  We have to show Miguel that we mean business.  I hope to meet him this week…

Club 34 is quite different in many ways from other clubs in the area.  It is not blessed with a director who would drive all over Orange County looking for another location so losing the IHOP is NOT an optioon for us. Let’s eat, drink and be merry at the IHOP for the rest of the year and beyond…

After Friday’s session I picked myself up from the floor and walked over to the Baci restaurant next door.  I was met with much glee and enthusiasm by the owners Angelo and Maria Juliano. They have owned Bacis since its inception 29 years ago.  They only serve dinner from 5-9pm and are usually closed on Tuesdays.  However for the month of December Bacis will be open every day of the week.

Angelo put together a menu for our Xmas party which is the following:

Appetizers:  Bruscetta, mozzarella, prosciutto melon

Baci salad or Caesar salad

Main course:  Chicken piccatta or Salmon Alla Checca or Filetto pepe nero

Dessert;  tiramisu or chocolate mousse

The total cost per person to include soft drinks, coffee, tax and tips would be $50.  This would also include a private room and our very own piano player. Time and date would probably be 4-7pm December 17.  The afternoon and evening sessions would start early and late.  Date and time not final though.  Wine and alcoholic beverages are extra.  There will be an open bar…

If you are interested,  I need to know right away.  These prices are based on 25 patrons.  Because I have collected voluntary contributions throughout the year, I will cover half the cost or $25 per person.  I will start collecting names this coming Tuesday.  This event will be a very attractive one.  The restaurant is extremely nice and quite appealing.

More news of a future film club and more on Superscrabble soon to follow.  See you on Tuesday.


David Poder, Director



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