Scrabble Club 34… photos by L. Higgins

Desiree Engel celebrated her 98th birthday at IHOP where all the scrabblers wished Her a Happy Birthday ! Desiree, you are our “INSPIRATION”!!!

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Happy 98th!!

Don’t forget to come this Tuesday to sing Happy Birthday to our very own Desiree Engel who will be celebrating her 98th birthday.  A wonderful birthday cake will be served thanks to the efforts of Maxine Marcus.  And don’t forget to support Desiree as she will show a ceramics exhibit in Pomona over the next few weeks..  And that reminds me…A red “U” tile was found underneath Desiree’s table a few days ago.  Could it be Desiree’s or perhaps Maxine’s??  Please let me know.  It will be on full display Tuesday..

I know that Nancy Toussaint will be there to sing Happy Birthday so please come and join in the festivities.  I have reason to believe that Jason Marks and family will be attending Tuesday night so I hope we have another outstanding turnout.

It has been three months since Club 34 Friday made its inaugural appearance.  We have seen 7 to 12 in attendance so far.  Last Friday 8 showed up with Renee Kahn in rare form.  Tom Brown was on spring break from teaching so he came all the way from Santa Monica to spend the afternoon with us!!  I hope more of you show support for Club 34 and drop by to play with us.  Tom has shown that distance should not be an obstacle in attending.  I have heard a lot of excuses why not–doctors’ appointments, visits with our elderly parents, the arrival of the Whirlpool repairman.  I could go on and on but surely you can spare 3 hours of your time to be with us..  Support Club 34 and be a part in its ever evolving growth and expansion!!

We did have a surprise visit from Monkey Pat Yarnell.  We almost persuaded her to play a game with us..  So Club 34 is open to everyone.

I was very happy to walk into the IHOP Friday and see our poster already in place.  That was a nice surprise.  Unfortunately, these posters have not produced one phone call yet from a prospective new member but I still have faith it will.  Hector has given me permission to make another sign that will be outside near the front entrance.  It will be free-standing but I will have to take it home with me when the Club sessions adjourn for the day.

Some of you are probably wondering where the weekly stats are!!  I just got them over to Amnon yesterday so hopefully he will be able to send them out today.  Amnon informed me that he is quite busy these days so his Scrabble activities may be on the downswing for awhile but I hope he can still do the statistics for Club 34.


David Poder, Director

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