Growth, Advancement, Improvement!!

Club 34 has grown in more ways than numbers over these past 5 years.  So many of the new players that joined Club 34 were new to Club Scrabble and Scrabble in general.  Their talents were minimal; their skills raw to say the least.  But not any more!!  Playing and studying have produced great results.  Some of the remarkable achievements yesterday included the following scores:  Lou Block 480, Inae Bloom 449,447, Bob Freiberg 463, Beth Byrne 466, Brian Reiss 491, 453, Lorry Higgins 473.  Some of us old timers contributed as well.  Tom Brown 447, Tom Titus 459, 465.  I scraped together scores of 512, 484 and 538.

David Postal put together a 4-0 in the afternoon and Tom Titus 4-0 in the evening.  So studying and playing a lot at Club 34 do pay off handsomely.  The summer months do not seem to affect our attendance.  25 and 10 showed up yesterday.  We were glad to see Kim Corrick return last night for her second appearance at the IHOP.  Kim is an occupational therapist from Long Beach and is quite busy but plans to come to our Club at least every other Tuesday night in the future.

We had a surprise visit from Maxine Marcus yesterday in time for the second game.  If you will recall, Maxine started Grand Jury duty Monday and does not plan to come to the Club that often.  But she was sent home at 1:30 so what did she do??  She came straight over to the IHOP and something tells me she will be at the Club this Friday with Desiree.  We will have another great turnout so everyone is invited!!

Everyone knows what really excites me??   When a new player comes to Club 34!!  Donna Barr found us on Meetup a few weeks ago and made her inaugural appearance yesterday afternoon.  She did quite well with a 2-1-1 record, not bad for a newbie.  Donna is an English teacher at an adult school, lives in Westminster and has 12 grandchildren!!  She told me she thinks she will be able to come on Tuesdays as well as Fridays so that will be wonderful.


David Poder, Director

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The Fun Never Stops at Club 34!!

Everyone was still trying to get over the excitement of Sunday’s party.  Poor Joanie had to admit herself to a local hospital from complete exhaustion but has recovered.  When she thought I wanted to have 4 of these parties throughout the year, she almost had a relapse.  We have agreed on 3 every 4 months but she needs help to prepare the clubhouse.  So in the future some of us have to step up to the plate, come early and get the clubhouse ready for battle.  That will help Joanie out tremendously..

Club 34 is looking more like a Mash unit.  James Kitchens came to play yesterday afternoon hobbling on crutches after a dirt bike accident.  That reminded me of the time David Postal came to play after a nasty fall.  He was wearing a sling on his arm, black and blue from head to toe.  There is no stopping the members of Club 34 from having a good time no matter what.

We tearfully had to say goodbye to Maxine Marcus just for the next year or so as she begins her Grand Jury duty next week.  She assured me however that she should be able to come now and then when her schedule allows her to do so over the next year.

Another great turnout yesterday with 27 and 11.  That is pretty good since several members are out of the country.  They should all be returning next week;  Yuki from Russia, Amnon from Israel, Jim Cassidy from France and Ken Louie from Cabo San Lucas.  We wish all of them a safe trip home.  Ken originally planned a family trip to the Dominican Republic but this caring Director advised him to change his plans for obvious reasons so he cancelled that trip and took family to Cabo.  A very wise choice indeed..

I do not have much else to report for now.  Don’t forget to come Friday and next Tuesday for more fun and games.  Our next Club championship will be in September.  More details on that later..


David Poder, Director

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