Why Did You Come??

I realize that everyone loves to play at Club 34 and that Tuesdays now are considered a happening for all of us!!  But please stay home if you are SICK…  We had a player last night come to the Club with an obvious cold, runny nose, sniffles…  You name it, he had it!!

I have tried very hard to find younger players to blend in with us old folks but let the truth be told!!  Club 34 is made up mostly of the older generation so we are definitely susceptible to the almighty germ…

In the future, if anyone comes to Club 34 with an obvious infection, I will ask them to go HOME!!  I know from personal experience, I have come down with an infection while playing over a Scrabble board and many times been laid up for 2 or 3 weeks.  It isnt any fun!!  So stay HOME!!  There is no room for discussion regarding this matter.

I think I have a pretty good handle on the NOISE factor from now on.  I will strictly enforce this.  When I see an offender, I will ask my partner Joanie Scafuto to collect the $1 penalty.  She has wholeheartedly agreed to be a part of the NOISE patrol..

21 and 10 showed up yesterday.  A fun time was had by all.  I have good reason to believe that Maddy and Roy Kamen will be paying us a visit next week.  Bill Lapinski will also return after a month long absence.

We have 20 sign ups for our Club party December 12.  We have room for a few more so be sure to sign up next week.  I want to close the invitee list at 25..  So sign up  sooner than later…

I will be issuing my annual State of the Union address as always at the end of the year.  But I will give all of you a headsup right now as to one of the new items of business we shall see in 2018.  I think it is safe to say that Club 34 is the only Scrabble Club in the world that meets for 2 four game sessions in one day.  I have been directing this Club for the last 4 years.  Being at the IHOP for 9 hours a day on Tuesday is taking its toll on me…  Therefore beginning in January 2018 Jeff Polan will be directing the evening version of Club 34.  Even if I am in attendance, Jeff will be handling the pairings, etc…  I really appreciate his efforts and participation in the operations of Club 34.  I couldnt continue to direct the Club without him…


David Poder, Director

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Party Time!!

23 and l5 showed up yesterday for another day of scrabbling!  Im fairly happy with the nighttime version of Club 34.  Attendance is slowly crawling up to that magical 20 mark I hope to see on a regular basis for 2018.  The evening has seen yours truly, Bruce D, Joanie Scafuto, Jeff Polan, Najat, Pat Reed, Richard Stein, Tom Titus but now we have added Jim Cassidy, Holly Derheim, Gary Moss, David Postal and many others.

We were happy to see Pete Skaggs, Barbara Creighton return after several weeks in Europe, Glenda Collins and newcomer Charles Eloriaga come back last night.  Lets not forget our annual Christmas party December 12 to be held between both Club sessions.  We had 10 sign up yesterday so there are still plenty of seats available.

Kudos to Gretchen Cowan who compiled a 490 game yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, her opponent scored 499.  That would be yours truly who let the phony ‘draftman’ stay on the board and who also happened to challenge ‘gumlines’ which is a perfectly acceptable word.  So I dont know how I managed to win the game!!!  Speaking of Gretchen, she wanted me to mention Paul Rickoff whose extraordinarily gifted engineering skills need to be addressed.  Gretchen purchased a Scrabble clock a few years back.  It never seemed to operate sufficiently.  She took it to 2 clock repair companies and neither one could fix the problem.  She gave it to Paul Rickoff who fixed it right away so its great to have a clock repairman as part of Club 34’s family.  I know from personal experience that I have always panicked when one of my clocks broke down so I hope Paul stays with our family for some time to come.

I want to let everyone know that Paul Trachtenberg is having surgery today.  We all hope that he has a very speedy recovery and comes back to our Club next week.  I wouldnt know how to run this Club if it werent for his  brilliant ‘director emeritus’ skills.

Lets show up in record numbers next week.  I have reason to believe that Maddy and Roy Kamen will be attending so lets greet, meet and beat them.  Lets find out how life is in sunny, tornado stricken, mosquito infiltrated and state tax exempt Florida.  See all of you then.


David Poder, Director

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