Who Cares About the Weather??

It rained and it poured yesterday but do you think that would bother Club 34 members??  Its true that there were a few cowardly players who didnt want to challenge the elements but only a few!!  I want to pay special tribute to Alan Stern, Paul Rickoff, Bruce and Inae Bloom for coming a long way to play at the IHOP.

21 and 11 showed up yesterday for the battle of the tiles.  Susan Rice reappeared after a year’s absence at least.  Susan is a college professor but spends most of her time bicycling around the world.  She promises to be around these parts until April so we hope to see her more often at least for awhile.  Inae Bloom is a photographer from Los Angeles.  I met her a few weeks ago at Bruce’s club.  She came to Club 34 to get some practice before heading to New Orleans this weekend for a tournament.  We hope to see her back sooner than later.

Jason Marks and family came by last night.  Daughters Amelie l2 and Kaelie 10 love Scrabble and it looks like they will become an integral part of Club 34 this year.  Jason told me he knows of other families with children of like ages that might be interested in coming to Club 34.  So hopefully I will be able to establish a younger version of our Club in the immediate future.  I want to thank Joanie Scafuto for having the patience and kindness to play with the Marks’ kids and get them acclimated with the rules of the game.

Dont forget Club 34 Friday meets again for the second time this Friday January 18.  We had 10 last week.  Lets do alot better this week.  I am getting more and more positive remarks from members who find it easier to come to the IHOP on Friday than Tuesday so this concept appears to be working…

What would Club 34 be like without another incident??  And that’s exactly what happened last night in the final game of the day.  It involved two of my favorite people on this planet:  James ‘Hoppalong’ Cassidy and Alan ‘who never has an opinion’ Stern.  They were involved in a tight game which required some endgame strategy.  Unfortunately, there was the case of the missing ‘A’.  It may have caused one of the players to lose the game.  I wont mention any names but you can probably figure out who lost the game!!

Therefore from this point forward and at the beginning of each session ALL players will square off their tiles so we can be assured of a complete set before games commence.  You need to place all tiles on the board to be assured of a complete 100 tile set…  You wont have to do this for every game, just the first one…


David Poder, Director

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